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Stainless steel barbed wire applies to different areas based on differens Nickel content. 304 stainless steel applies to dry indoor environment effect is quite good. However, in order tomaintain,it's apperance cleaning should be carried out regularlly in outdoor of country or city. In serious pollution of industrial area and coastal regions, the surface is very dirty, and even produce rusted. But for outdoor environment the aesthetic effect, we have 316 stainless steel added Mo, 304 stainless steel is widely used for used for pasture boundary, railway, highway isolation protection and other construction purposes, but in industrial and Marine corrosive serious atmosphere area, it had better use 316 stainless steel barbed wire.

Usage: the world has stainless steel barbed wire is widely used in military area, prison, government agencies, Banks, and residential fence, private house, villa walls, doors and Windows, highway, rail barrier and border to security protection.

Weave Type: single twist and double twist.

Material: high quality stainless steel wire, 304L, 304, 430, 316 etc.

Characteristics: twist plait, strong and beautiful.

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