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Rusty barbed wire causes and how to avoid

General electric galvanized barbed wire will be used for some time after the rust generated, which seriously affect the appearance of barbed wire, but the extent of rusty barbed wire and galvanized the use of time is affected by many factors, here I explain to everyone a metal rusty reason, so that customers also consider the following two factors better ask us if we use galvanized barbed wire long time does not rust.

  • The main factors causing rusty metal:

    (1) atmospheric relative humidity at the same temperature, the percentage of its water vapor content of the atmosphere saturated with water vapor content, is called relative humidity. In a relative humidity less oil metal rust corrosion rate is very small, and the relative humidity is higher than after, a sharp increase in corrosion rate. The relative humidity is called the critical humidity. Many metal critical humidity between 50% to 80%, about 75% of steel. Atmospheric relative humidity on the biggest metal corrosion. When atmospheric humidity is higher than the critical humidity, the metal surface water droplets or water film will appear, if the atmosphere contains harmful impurities dissolved in the water film, drops of water, electrolyte Serve aggravate corrosion.

    (2) temperature and humidity of both air temperature and humidity affect the atmosphere associated with metal corrosion. It has the following major conditions: first, the water vapor content of the atmosphere, with temperatures increasing; second, to promote high temperature corrosion intensified, especially in the humid environment, the higher the temperature, the faster corrosion. Relative humidity is low, the effect of temperature on corrosion is not yet clear, but higher than the critical humidity, as temperatures rise, a sharp increase corrosion amount. In addition, if there is difference in temperature between the air and the metal, the metal surface at low temperature the formation of condensation water, also cause the metal to rust.

Barbed wire rust-proof plastic bag method and use of raw materials and galvanized steel, which can greatly extend the life of barbed wire.

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